Mindfulness in Digitalization – What the Heck?

Mindfulness in Digitalization – What the Heck?


I know, some of you are in doubt about how it can be possible that I  move forward digitalization projects in communication and knowledge transfer while equally offering Mindfulness practices to our clients. Isn’t digital communication causing our lives to be so agitated and making us feel stressed out?

Well, that’s exactly why I do it!

I know, how virtual communication can drain our energy to the limits, how many people suffer from not being able to balance work and private life, especially during the lock down which requires much more home-officing than before. In this sense, my coaching and training actually wants you to become aware of how you handle communication and how you can make it better for you by creating long term changes. 

You can learn with me how to:

  • do less multi-tasking,
  • refocus on your task,
  • & bring your attention back,

among simple tricks, such as, which apps and technical adjustments may make things around your communication processes easier and how you can restructure team communication.

Coaching and training is given to individuals and can also be booked for small groups in form of a leadership training by companies.