Improve your learning outcomes

Improve your learning outcomes

Updated: Aug 27

Sometimes our students have been trying to learn a language for years and still when taking our class, we have to put them into a beginner course, like A1.2 or A2, simply because they did not internalize the contents in other classes. Reasons for this are varied and the most important matter at this point is not looking backwards, but forward. So, how can our students and you improve their learning outcome?

Have a Goal!

When you learn something new as an adult learner, you do it because you have a goal. You want to have better chances in the job market, or you may have scheduled a job interview and your CV says fluent in Spanish. Whatever the reason is: it hels to look at your goal again and again, so you remind yourself what for you are doing this. Love is another factor, but only optional, if you do have a goal :). 


When you work with books or written online material, review it after class. Rewrite or rephrase the content. If you are taking a course which focuses on contents transmitted via speech, then take notes and review your notes after class and over again until one day soon you know that you understand the content and won’t forget it. 

Learn ahead!

Another strategy that works really well is to have a look at the next few pages of your book before class. When your teacher or trainer explains the “new” content, it is not that new to you and you can make a fast connection in your memory. 

Do (not) cheat…

…but if you do, do it in an adequate manner. When I went to university I sometimes took notes on tiny pieces of paper, sometimes only keywords, so that I would remember the rest of the contents. I then hid them between the pens, under the table, in my socks, wherever I felt, I could easily grab it. Yes, cheating is not good, if you get caught. But it is good extra training for the brain. Preparing your cheating method will take up some time, make you feel more secure, and in the end, you do not have to use what you have prepared. 

Also, if you want to, we can offer you an individual learner’s training to give you some more hints and practice some methods in an online training. Simply contact us for some good learning hints!