How to stay motivated during Corona

How to stay motivated during Corona

In some of our projects, we help people in coping better with matters of home office and online-learning. Some of the matters coming up frequently are: 

  • How to stay healthy? 
    • Do physical exercise.
    • Stretch in between your meetings.
    • Eat more vegetables and fruits. These give you good energy and help your digestion.
    • Avoid fatty meals, especially if you are not moving that much these days. 
  • How to socialize online?
    • Found your own interest group, maybe even a sports group and do the activities together. Online!
    • Have an online Pizza evening or watch a movie together while video-conferencing. That way you can comment on the scenes together. 
  • How to improve the quality of online communication?
    • Continue being respectful in dressing well, in sitting straight, in being polite. In group projects and other group activities do your part and be reliable. 
    • Tell each other what bothers you when communicating online in your setting and then advice and teach each other how to improve your communication. 

Together with the coaching consultancy Gerlow+Kühl we developed a short guide for students and professionals to better cope with digital life during the crisis. It is available in German and English language. 

For German, access:

For English, access: