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Digitalization has become the most important topic of our times

How can our businesses maintain their internal and external communications and how will the educational sector be able to qualify the next generations for the job market? And equally important is the aspect of crossing borders and oceans to collaborate with business partners in other countries? 

Strategies in Education

In education our staff and materials have to be prepared, adapted and sometimes reinvented to match the many opportunities to display and teach contents. Like any other organization, an educational institution also needs to roadmap its development and have a clear vision of where they want to move towards in the next decade.

This helps realizing that what might look like Mount Everest at this point, is all worth the effort, because you are laying the ground for long-term developments. 

WT Digitalization helps institutions in education to plan for the long run, to digitalize or create their materials and further prepares & supports their staff through the adaptive processes through coaching measures.

Strategies in Business

Even though WT has its foundations in education, we gained more and more experience with small and medium-sized businesses often facing comparable processes when it comes to digital communication. 

A handcrafter, a medical practitioner and an HR agency need to undergo the change from off- to on-line at least in some parts of their fields to be able to stay in business within our ever growing world community. 

WT Digitalization therefore offers staff preparations & training, roadmapping business processes towards digital workflows, supports the process of moving towards on-line marketing and helps in setting up internal coaching scenarios targeting the growth of digital awareness and qualifications.

Digital Consulting

Strategies to improve businesses and employee performance

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