Contemporary Education – Changes and Effects

Contemporary Education – Changes and Effects


Education is what drives WorldTribe (WT), and in order to offer quality education to our students, we also prepare ourselves with internal webinars, in which only WT members participate. Our last webinar of this kind was with Társila Lemos Borges, Chinese teacher for over eight years and working with WT since 2020.

Társila addressed the subject of Modern Education, presenting facts such as the changes technology brought to the life of students and teachers, questioning the positive and negative effects of such transitions in the lives of both; emotional intelligence, a topic unfortunately neglected in the academic world; and also on what is the role of marketing in relation to educational institutions.

The training took approximately one hour, during which time Ms. Borges presented the changes education has been facing in recent years, the pressure that teachers and other employees are going through in an attempt to meet all the goals outlined by institutions. These depend on marketing campaigns which are promising results that are increasingly distant from reality. The campaigns are based less and less on education, and their base is usually not accompanied by psychological and emotional preparation for teachers and students.

Marketing and Education, although they seem to be different themes, are completely interconnected in a kind of school loyalty. With the “commercialization” of education, institutions are investing more and more in advertising, which often makes it look like institutions are more focused on selling education than investing in their faculty and students.

All the topics addressed generate one question that leads to several discussions. What is needed to guarantee quality education in this increasingly technological world? How to prepare our teachers so that they are truly able to prepare their students, who are future professionals of the next generation? Fortunately this discussion does not stop here, Ms. Borges will offer a webinar to the public of the educational environment. More information soon!

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