About Us

We are international and put together our best skills.
Together we always know more.

WorldTribe Team

In our world today an idea, content or a product needs a digital master plan to be able to reach its public. Matters around digitization & digitalization are most important, so that every institution, also more traditional businesses and teams with all kinds of work-backgrounds, can keep up under “all” circumstances.
In our digital communication support, we do not only consider a range of strategic solutions which are useful for your internal and external processes, we also prepare your teams for the change processes occurring during the digitalization period.


To help you in helping others by performing better in your business.


Seeing you living a healthy balance between on- and offline.

We equally work in private and public digitialization projects, involving matters such as professional e-training, higher education, public schooling, work seeking, international team communication, mindfulness leadership practices, market localization of products and events, and ethical product strategies among others.

WT Leaders

Kristina Bodrožić-Brnić

WT Digitalization
Director of Operations & Coach

Bianca Otávio

 WT Education
Educational Consultant

Társila Borges

WT Education
China Consultant

Gilson Cardoso

WT Education 
German Teacher

Lilian Riffo

WT Education 
Spanish Teacher